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The NEW Team Habits

The NEW Team Habits
A Guide to the New School Rules

November 2019 | 176 pages | Corwin
Leading teams in a rapidly changing world

To achieve their ambitious goals, it is essential that education leaders build effective teams. Many leaders want to shift the way their teams collaborate, make decisions, and learn together, but struggle to make lasting change. Written for leaders who want to improve their teams, this guide is a follow-up to the best-seller, The NEW School Rules, a framework for transitioning to a more responsive, innovative organization. The NEW Team Habits goes further, providing battle-tested practices the authors have used with hundreds of leadership teams to build better team habits.

Readers will find
a five step learning cycle for building team habits
videos, readings, and other resources to build knowledge
engaging team activities to drive learning 

With tools leaders and teams can use right away, this guide provides the inspiration, steps, tools, and activities you need to improving your team habits for learning, meetings, and projects.
Why We Wrote This Book
Chapter 1: Why Team Habits Matter
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Responsive Learning
Chapter 4: Responsive Meetings
Chapter 5: Responsive Projects
Chapter 6: Conclusion

The NEW Team Habits: A Guide to the New School Rules is a step-by-step workbook to building leadership teams and helping them grow. It is recommended for schools that seek concrete strategies and approaches to creating better teams that work together more cohesively. 

Effective school teams need to be unified in their approaches, support, practices, and applications. Organizational leaders looking to take a step down the hierarchy to address team habits in school environments will find The NEW Team Habits the perfect primer to guide the way.

Chapters use individual team participation and team building routines as focal points, considering both underlying philosophy and strategies and why team interaction and structure are the foundation of organizational change.

This book's structure is designed to achieve clarity and buy-in to the process. Therefore, it's recommended that educators and leaders use it as a step-by-step workbook for team building changes, to be used by a team leader committed to applying the exercises, which can take up to 90 minutes (30 for leader's independent pursuit, 60 minutes spent with the team itself).

The specific time structure attached to these activities may stymie those who anticipate a more general, freer form of organization, but they are important keys to achieving these building blocks.

From clear explanations and enactments of rules for sharing information and understanding and analyzing mistakes to check-in practices covered in rounds supported by charts and fill-in blanks, The NEW Team Habits provides not just admonitions and ideals, but a concrete process that teams can follow to solidify and strengthen their goals.

It should be noted that the guide is not an ethereal concept. It's based on hundreds of seminars, workshops, and conferences where its principles were put into action in very different environments and tested over and over again.

Teams have habits that not only shape their group identities, but influence organizations as a whole. Leaders interested in building better teams from the ground up will find The NEW Team Habits a key to better leadership, teams, and ultimately, better communities with stronger interactions.

Small habit changes lead to bigger revisions, and so The NEW Team Habits should not be considered the end-all to the process, but the first step in a series of evolutionary team growth experiences.

Diane C. Donovan

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