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School Impact Process

Over three years, the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process applies the research of Professor John Hattie and uses a combination of workshops and evaluation to make the greatest impact school wide. With each year in the program, new concepts are introduced, allowing your school to inquire further, to develop plans for improvement, and to become self-evaluators capable of critically assessing teaching methods and adapting for success.


Lund, Elise

Elise J. Lund

Elise Lund is a graduate of Marietta College with a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education with specialization in Literacy. She has taught primary grades in Ohio and North Carolina. Elise now enjoys creating curriculum development trainings and implementing literacy instruction to a broad range of learners.

Banuelos, Carolyn

Carolyn Banuelos

Carolyn Banuelos is a graduate of Ohio State University with a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education. She has been an instructional coach and primary grade teacher across the country. Carolyn now enjoys empowering teachers and students to take charge of their learning as a facilitator.

James, Danielle

Danielle C. James

Danielle James is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She has taught primary grades across the state of North Carolina. Danielle now enjoys consulting with classroom teachers to model literacy instruction for successful implementation.

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Laura Besser

Laura Besser is an educational consultant and is dedicated to improving the quality of teaching, learning and leadership in schools. She provides results driven professional development through presentations at conferences, seminars and workshops and site based implementation support. Her high energy, positive, and enthusiastic approach to learning motivates and engages clients.

Steve Ventura

Steve Ventura is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high stakes professional development with practical, research-based strategies. Steve is a former elementary, middle, and high school teacher. His administrative experience encompass those of assistant principal, principal, director, and superintendent.

Russell J. Quaglia

Russell Quaglia is recognized globally as a pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student aspirations and student voice.